Pomeranchuk instability in correlated electron systems

Date & Time
30 October 2008 (Thur), 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
8F large seminar room, Sengen site
Dr. Hiroyuki Yamase(山瀬博之博士)
Materials Interdisciplinary G, Innovative Materials Engineering Lab., NIMS(NIMS材料ラボ 融合領域研究G)
Pomeranchuk instability in correlated electron systems
The spontaneous Fermi surface symmetry breaking, the so-called Pomeranchuk instability, is a fundamentally new concept in the physics of correlated electron systems [1,2]. This instability breaks the point-group symmetry of the underlying lattice structure.
In this talk, I discuss the most fundamental aspect of Pomeranchuk instability by performing the exact analysis of a pure forward scattering model. Current understanding of Pomeranchuk instability for high-temperature cuprate superconductors and strontium ruthenates is also reviewed.
[1] H. Yamase and H. Kohno, JPSJ 69, 332 (2000); 69, 2151 (2000).
[2] C. J. Halboth and W. Metzner, PRL 85, 5162 (2000).
Dr. Akihiro Tanaka(田中秋広)