Ultrafast dynamics of many-body interacting complexes

Date & Time
15 June 2006 (Thu), 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
6F seminar room, Sengen site
Dr. JaeDong Lee
Ultrafast dynamics of many-body interacting complexes
We are strongly motivated to study the ultrafast dynamics of many-body interacting systems due to several reasons; (i) it gives new physics or new science, (ii) the controlled dynamics of the functionally smart systems in the ultrafast time range has the huge potential applicability, (iii) it can give the fundamental cornerstone for the field of "photodynamics". In the experimental side, thanks to an advancement of the ultrashort pulsed laser, it has been possible to study the ultrafast phenomena occurring within picoseconds or femtoseconds. On the other hand, in the theoretical side, it is true that a proper theoretical formulation is still lacking. Accordingly, we suggest the formalism starting from an idea of the real-time diagonalization within the many-body Hilbert space. We demonstrate that the formalism is quite successful and promising by introducing a few examples; (i) Birth of quasiparticles in a semiconductor and related ultrafast phenomena, (ii) Controlled propagation of molecular polarization, (iii) Photoinduced insulator-metal transition of one-dimensional Mott insulator. Besides those, if time is allowed, we introduce further issues related to intriguing ultrafast phenomena.
Dr. Junichi Inoue (井上純一)