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(Since 8/14, 2003)(Updated, 1/9, 2019)

(Libraries [Routines, data, etc.])

  • [asse](in preparation)
  • [NCPS2K,NCPS2K+][SPT(updated, 12/26, 2011, jump to bandstructure.jp)]
  • etc.
  • [Code](in Japanese, "external page" for reference, over 5000 lines)
  • At present, This page is under construction(12/27, 2011).
  • (What is "SANZEN"?)

    "SANZEN" is the libraries of software (sub)routines, data, specification, etc. for the electronic structure calculation.


  • Communize the specification of the electronic structure calculations.
  • Open (or Distribute) the useful (sub)routines and data for the electronic structure calculations.
  • Share and represent information (results) of first-principles calculations.
  • [Under construction at present.]
  • (Derivation of Name "SANZEN")

    "SANZEN" means "glory", "3000"(to be continue in A.D. 3000) in Japanese (Now under construction).

    (Related and useful conference, workshop, etc.)

  • Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, Vol. 6, No. 12, A SPECIAL ISSUE: "Advances in Quantum Simulators and Quantum Design".

  • (Related and useful link)

  • NIMS Materials Database(NIMS)
  • The Eletronic Structure [Project] (ESP, Uppsala University)
  • [Computational Phase Diagram Database (CPDDB)](Functional Structure Materials Group[NIMS], Dr. Abe)
  • [ALPS](Algorithms and Libraries for Physics Simulations)

  • (Please feedback.)

    Welcome advice, comments and suggestions about SANZEN (including software routines, data, etc.).

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