Ryo Tamura


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FY2021 -  JST-Mirai Program
FY2021 - FY2024   JSPS KAKENHI, Scientific Research (B) (21H01008)
(Principal Investigator)
FY2021 - FY2023   JSPS KAKENHI, Scientific Research (B) (21H01971)
FY2020 - FY2022   JSPS KAKENHI, Scientific Research (B) (20H01850)
"Effective hamiltonian construction through combining numerical simulation with experimental approaches and its application to strongly correlated topological materials" (Co-Investigator)
FY2019 - FY2022   JSPS KAKENHI, Fostering Joint International Research (B) (19KK0141)
"Development of a novel mass analysis approach on the basis of mechanical deformation induced by gas flow in a micron channel" (Co-Investigator)
FY2018 -  Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program(SIP)"Materials integration for revolutionary design system of structural materials"
FY2018 -  JST-Mirai Program "Development of advanced hydrogen liquefaction system by using magnetic refrigeration technology"
FY2017 - FY2022 JST CREST "Accelerated development of novel semiconductors and dielectrics based on data-driven materials exploration" (Co-researcher), (Principal Investigator: Fumiyasu Oba)
FY2016 - FY2018Nippon Sheet Glass Foundation for Materials Science and Engineering: Research Grant
"Control of the magnetic refrigeration efficiency in organic materials by the impurity effect" (Principal Investigator)
FY2015 - FY2019 JST Innovation Hub Initiative of the Support Program for Starting Up Innovation Hub
"Materials research by Information Integration(MI2I)"(Sub GL)
FY2013 - FY2015   JSPS KAKENHI, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C) (25420698)
"Development of high-performance refrigeration materials by numerical simulation" (Principal Investigator)

Dec. 28, 2021  STAM Methods Best Contribution Award 2021
Apr. 1, 2021  16th NIMS President's Award for Progress
Mar. 13, 2021  15th Young Scientist Award of the Physical Society of Japan
Mar. 8, 2018  MANA International Symposium 2018 "Excellent Poster Presentation Award"
Oct. 24, 2013  13th NIMS forum "Poster award for NIMS postdoctoral researcher"
Mar. 26, 2007  Saitama university "Dean of faculty of science prize"