The 7th ANCC Seminar
(Friday, September 1st, 2006 The 2nd Middle Conference Room, NIMS, Sengen, Tsukuba,)
- Special Symposium on Advanced Scanning Probe Microscopy -

The 7th ANCC Seminar will be held by Advance Nano Characterization Center / NIMS as a special symposium on science and technology of advanced nanocharacterization using scanning probe microscopy (SPM). This seminar invites three SPM authorities from Japan, Switzerland and Germany in order to discuss the recent research developments and to promote the mutual understanding and collaboration in this active field.

13:00- 13:20
Opening Remarks

Dr. Daisuke Fujita (Advanced Nano Characterization Center / NIMS, Japan)

1 2 3

Multiprobe scanning tunneling microscopes - Development and Application

Dr. Masakazu Aono (Nano System Functionality Center / NIMS, Japan)

1 2 3

Force microscopy experiments: From Nanotribology to Molecular Electronics

Prof. Ernst Meyer (Institute of Physics, University of Basel, Switzerland)

1 2 3

New Horizons in Nanomagnetism by Atomic-Scale Magnetic SPM Probing

Prof. Roland Wiesendanger (Inst. of Applied Physics, University of Hamburg, Germany)

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17:00 Closing Remarks