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  3. 20th GREEN Symposium -International Symposium on Environment and Energy based on Nanomaterials Science-

20th GREEN Symposium -International Symposium on Environment and Energy based on Nanomaterials Science-

Symposium Information

Date and Time: February 25 (Mon), 2019  9:45-17:30
Venue: Auditorium, NanoGREEN/WPI-MANA Bldg., 1F, Namiki Site, NIMS
Language: English
Reception Party: February 25 (Mon), 2019 17:30-19:00

Invited Speakers

Prof. Kiyoshi Kanamura (Tokyo Metoroporitan University)
Prof. Tetsuya Taketsugu (Hokkaido University)
Prof. Zhaoyin Wen (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
Prof. Sang Il Seok (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Korea)
Prof. Jun Liu (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA)


Web registration is required by February 21th.
Please access this Registration Form.


Abstract can be downloaded.

Program (tentative)

9:45-9:50Opening RemarksProf. Kazuhito HashimotoPresident, NIMS
9:50-9:55GreetingYasushi SaitoDirector, Materials Science and Nanotechnology Development Division, MEXT
9:55-10:00GreetingMasashi FurukawaManager, Department of Research Project, JST/
Program Officer of GREEN
10:00-10:25Design of functional interfaces in Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) of NIMSToshiyuki MoriGREEN Leader, Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Materials Design Gr.
10:25-10:50in situ observation of intermediate species of oxygen reduction reaction and future perspective of interfacial analysis techniquesTakuya MasudaGREEN Leader, Solid/Liquid Interface Analysis Gr.
10:50-11:30Li Metal Anode for Next Generation BatteriesProf. Kiyoshi KanamuraProfessor, Tokyo Metropolitan University/
GREEN Leader, Interface-Controlled Battery Materials Gr.
11:30-12:10Strategies for Next Generation High Energy BatteriesProf. Jun LiuBattelle Fellow, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
12:10-12:35High-throughput combinatorial screening of multi-component electrolyte additives to improve the performance of Li metal secondary batteriesShoichi MatsudaResearcher, Lithium Air Battery Specially Promoted Research Team
12:35-13:50Poster Presentation & Lunch
13:50-14:10Recombination routes of the free carriers in Perovskite solar cells revealed by Impedance SpectroscopyYasuhiro ShiraiGREEN Leader, ad hoc team on Perovskite PC cells
14:10-14:30Coadditive Engineering of Perovskite layer for Efficient and Stable Sn Perovskite Solar CellsAshrafu IslamChief Researcher, Photovoltaic Materials group, NIMS
14:30-15:10Evolution of Efficient and Stable Perovskite Solar CellsProf. Sang Ⅱ SeokDistinguished Professor, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
15:10-15:25Coffee break
15:25-16:05Solid State electrolytes for Lithium Batteries, Materials, Synthesis and ApplicationsProf. Zhaoyin WenProfessor, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
16:05-16:30Research development of all solid-state batteries by using thin film technologyTsuyoshi OhnishiGREEN Leader, ALL Solid Battery Specially Promoted Research Team
16:30-17:00Theoretically inspired new catalyst: boron nitride with goldProf. Tetsuya TaketsuguProfessor, Hokkaido University/
GREEN Leader, Electrocatalysis Theory G.
17:00-17:30GREEN 2009 - 2018: Towards Understanding and Control of Interfacial Processes, Common issues in Energy Flow from Solar Energy, Utilizing Computational Science and Advanced MeasurementsProf. Kohei UosakiDirector-General of GREEN
17:30-19:00Poster Presentation & Mixer


The 20th GREEN Symposium secretariat
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