JSPS-CNRS diamond detector workshop 2019

Date:29th (Tue) October - 1st (Fri) November 2019

Venue:Yuzawa Grand Hotel, Yuzawa city, Akita


Welcome to JSPS-CNRS diamond detector workshop's Webpage.
We are holding an international workshop on diamond radiation detectors and related science and technologies at Yuzawa-city, Akita prefecture.
The date of workshop is from 29th (Tue) October to 1st (Fri) November 2019

Scope of the workshop

Radiation detectors are one of the established applications of diamond although the market is relatively small compared to mechanical applications of diamond. Due to the superior nature of diamond, hardness against nuclear radiation, excellent heat dissipations, wide band gap and the other electronic and optical features, the radiation detector researches are presently attracting more interests. Through recent studies related to power electronics and quantum applications, extraordinary high quality diamond growth is now available using advanced chemical vapor deposition techniques. These scientific and technical developments will lead to new findings and expansion of detector applications. This workshop is a trigger of new activities focusing on the radiation detectors especially gathering topical research results related to the following targets;

  • High energy radiation and particle detectors
  • Diamond electronic devices
  • Device processing
  • High quality CVD diamond growth and doping

  • Program and Abstract

    You can download abstract booklet below.
    To open the booklet, please use the password sent by organizers.

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    The workshop will take place at the Yuzawa Grand hotel, including short visit to Adamant Namiki company, Ryozeki Sake brewerey and Oyasukyo excursion

    Yuzawa Grand hotel
    Address: 1-1-1, Zaimacho, Yuzawa City, Akita
    website: http://www.yuzawa-gh.co.jp/la/en/

    Lab tour and Excursion:
    Adamant Namiki company
    Address: 6-56, Atagocho, Yuzawa City, Akita
    Map: googlemap

    Map: googlemap
    Info(Tourism Federation): https://www.akitafan.com/en/archive/tourism/797

    Ryozeki Sake Brewery
    Address: 4-3-18, Maemori, Yuzawa City, Akita
    website (Japanese only): http://www.ryozeki.co.jp/

    Time table

    10/29(Tue) 10/30(Wed) 10/31(Thu) 11/1(Fri)
    Morning Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
    AM Opening remarks
    Session1. Radiation detectors
    Session2. Radiation detectors 2
    Session 5. Radiation detectors 3
    Session 6. Growth
    Session 8. Characterization
    Session 9. Doping
    Closing remarks
    Noon Lunch Oyasukyo excursion
    Ryozeki Sake brewery visit
    Leave Yuzawa
    PM Arrival at Yuzawa Namiki lab tour
    Laboratory visit
    (Sapphire growth, polishing)
    Record pickup factory visit
    Session 3. Diodes and FETs
    Session 4. Processing
    Session 7. Talk by Sponsors
    Night Dinner Dinner Workshop dinner (not defined)