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Chikyow Lab

Professor : Toyohiro Chikyow
homepageSemiconductor Device Materials Group


Advanced electric materials research for future nanodevice by combinatorial methodology

We focus on the materials exploration and discovery for future nano MOSFET on Si or on diamond by combinatorial synthesis and high throughput characterization

Taniguchi Lab

Professor: Akiyoshi Taniguchi
homepageBiomaterials Centre

Development of nano-device using senor cells

Living cells show specific response against various stimulations, suggesting that living cells could be utilized to develop a device for high-sensitive assay. Our group developed  high-sensitive cytotoxic detection system using nano-biotechnology.

El-Safty Lab

Professor: Sherif El-Safty
homepageMaterials Recycling Design Group
homepageWaseda University

Nanomaterials for environmental cleanup systems

We have established a simple, inexpensive, and commercial system for Ultra-Purification & Recycling of water from pollutants even at part-per-trillion (ppt) concentration, in a rapid response time (within seconds). Our nano-cleanup system was based on the fabrication of a variety of mesoporous metal oxide nanotubes & nanoparticles as membrane strips for optical sensing and complete removal of toxic metals/anions/organic volatile compounds and biomolecules from wastewaters, in addition to extraction of rare metals from Urban Concentrate, as well as toxic gases from air environments.

Shimamura Lab

Professor: Kiyoshi Shimamura

Synthesis and characteristics of single crystals

Based on Crystal growth and Crystal Chemistry, nano to bulk scale single crystals of wide bandgap semiconductor, optical, magnetic and radiation detector single crystals are synthesized and characterized in detail.

Osada Lab

Professor: Minoru Osada

Synthesis of functional nanomaterials via soft-chemistry processes

We conduct on the synthesis of functional nanosheets via the exfoliation of various layered materials. We also utilize these nanosheets as a building block in the bottom-up fabrication and develop various functional nano-devices with novel electric and magnetic properties.

Murakami Lab

Professor: Hideyuki Murakami

Study on surface and interface modification for harsh environment

Our goal is to elucidate the relationship between structure and properties of materials, by analyzing their surfaces and interfaces. High temperature structural materials are focused. The figure shows the example of cross-sectional microanalysis of Ir-based alloys whose surface was treated by an aluminize treatment, so that the material can obtain an oxidation resistant surface.

Suzuki Lab

Professor: Tohru Suzuki

Designing and preparing nano-structure by using external fields

Designing and preparing nano-structured inorganic materials and inorganic/organic composites are studied for functionality and reliability for environment and energy fields. We focus on crystalline orientation and laminar structure by using a magnetic field and an electric field.

Yamauchi Lab

Associate Professor:
Yusuke Yamauchi

 * He doesn't currently recruit any students *

Synthesis and Applications of Advanced Inorganic Nanomaterials via Soft-Chemical Process

Our aim is to explore and synthesize novel nanoporous materials, nanoparticles, nanofibers, nanotubes by soft-chemical process. Particular attention is focused on their organizations toward functionalized integrated systems in collaboration with top-down approach.