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Waseda-NIMS Graduate Program has a three-year doctoral program in Major in Nanoscience and Nanoengineering, Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering. It is open for those who wish to pursue a PhD degree in the cutting-edge materials science research environment.


All applicants who wish to join the Waseda-NIMS Graduate Program are required to apply for the pre-screening. Only applicants who qualified the pre-screening can submit the university application documents to Waseda University.

Japanese students who have completed an undergraduate or graduate program at a Japanese university are not eligible to take the entrance examination for the international students.
* For more information about the eligibility, contact the Graduate Admissions Office, Center for Science and Engineering, Waseda University () before you apply.

Admission Guidelines

The application guidelines :
Admissions Guidline for September 2018 and April 2019 Admission (PDF)

Go to Faculty of Science and Engineering website for more information, including the entrance examination for international students, application eligibility and tuition fees.

Friday, 2 November 2018 Closing date of the university application period
*Applicants must pass the pre-screening beforehand.
*Application Fee
20,000 JPY : residents in Japan
7,000 JPY : residents outside of Japan
  April 2019 Admission

Overview of the Waseda-NIMS Graduate Program’s admission policies

  • Date of admission : April 2019
  • Application qualifications: International students wishing to gain admittance to a graduate school at Waseda University must have completed educational training overseas to obtain their master’s degree or an equivalent degree.

Important notice for the university application documents

For more information about the required documents, please check the website of Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University.

  • GRE General Test and GRE Subject Test Scores

Submittng scores from the GRE general test and GRE subject test in your field (if there is one) is preferred (not neccesary).
Official GRE scores must be reported to Waseda University directly from ETS. The designated institution code for Waseda University Faculty of Science and Engineering is 4978.

  • Master’s thesis

Your master’s thesis can be written in any language. However, the abstract must be written in either Japanese or English.

  • Agreement for Defraying Expenses

If you apply for a NIMS Graduate Research Assistantship and pass the interview screening, NIMS can provide an Agreement for Defraying Expenses for you. Please contact the following email address for more information: 

  • English proficiency score

Unless your native language is English or you completed a master’s program at a university in an English-speaking country, you are required to submit the scoresheet of the TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, or other English proficiency examination. (TOEIC-IP(Institutional Program) and TOEFL-ITP(Institutional Testing Program) are not accepted.) The documents must be issued within two years of application.
If you submit the TOEFL score, the score must be sent from ETS. (The code of Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University is 2874)