Polymer Materials Unit
Advanced Key Technologies Division

Control of electron, ion, and molecular transfer in polymers and development of organic devices and separation materials

Polymer materials, which are developed through the design of monomers (organic molecules) and polymerization and fabrication processes as common technologies, are used in a wide range of applications. The Polymer Materials Unit develops separation materials with high mechanical stability, durability, and largely improved permeability of gases and liquids by designing polymers with a precise network structure. We also synthesize superior conductive polymers and redox polymers, and aim at greatly improving the performance of display devices and organic transistors by increasing electron and ion mobility.


One-Nanometer Synthetic Molecular Machine Successfully Observed and Touched: Single-Molecule Motion Capturing by Optical Microscopy
2014.08.21 UpdatePress Release
2014.02.20 UpdatePress Release

Nanotechnology Brings Greater Photocatalyst Efficiency

Expected to expand the application of photocatalysts

2014.02.03 UpdatePress Release

World’s First Success in Controlling the ‘Length’ of Supramolecular Polymers through Self-Organization

A great step forward toward the development of a new synthetic method that leads to unprecedented materials in polymer science and nanotechnology

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