Nano Characterization Unit
Advanced Key Technologies Division

Aiming at Advanced Characterization Technology for Materials Innovation

The advanced characterization and measurement technologies responding to the material needs are indispensable for the innovation. What we are aiming at is state-of-the-art analytical technologies to clarify the comprehensive characteristics of materials. Materials science today is evolving to the established discipline based on precise measurement and computational modeling. Therefore, we are promoting the development of high resolution and multifunctional characterization technologies, and moreover the in-situ dynamic measurement technologies in the controlled environments related to material creation and functionality expression.


Development of Algorithm for Accurate Calculation of Average Distance Travelled by Low-Speed Electrons without Energy Loss that Are Sensitive to Surface Structure
2014.09.01 UpdatePress Release
2013.07.04 UpdatePress Release

Elucidation of Spin State of Conduction Electrons in Graphene

Opens the Way to Research on Spin Properties and Device Applications of Graphene and Other 2-Dimensional Materials

2013.07.03 UpdatePress Release

Clarification of Dynamical Process of Aluminum Surface Oxidation

Solving a 20 Year Riddle of the Reaction Mechanism

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