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Photo memories of our group    2004-2009  (Please click photo for large size picture.)
Memory at the week for Science and Technology(2004) Guest from the Indian Environmental Institute(2004)Complimentary visiting of the Chinese Academy to NIMS president (2004)
at Zao skiing resort (2005) with a guest from Germany (2006 Dec.)



at NIMS International Workshop on Photocatalysis, NIMSIWP2007 (March 2007, in Urabandai)
at Joint Conference of NIMSIWP & JCSAPM 2008 (Feb. 2008, in Urabandai)
at Year End Party (Dec. 2008) Ski activity (Feb. 2009)Picnic under cherry-blossom
(April 2009)

group photo


at JST-MOST interim meeting (November 2009, in Kusatsu)
at Joint Conference of NIMSIWP & JCSAPM 2010 (Feb. 2010, NIMS)Picnic under cherry-blossom
(April 2010)

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