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Qing YU

Collaborative Graduate School Student
Catalytic Materials Group
Environmental Remediation Materials Unit
National Institute for Materials Science
Ph.D Student
Field of Functional Materials Science
Hokkaido University
1-1 Namiki,Tsukuba,Ibaraki 305-0044, Japan
TEL: +81-29-851-3354+ext.4062
e-mail: YU.Qing[at]

M.S. * Mar.2013 Zhejian University, China
B.S. * Jun. 2010 Shandong University of Science and Technology, China

Professional Experience
2013.10-present * Ph.D Student of Hokkaido University
2010.9-2013.3 * Graduate Student, Zhejian , China

Research Interests
* Synthesis of different nanostructures by slef-assembly and their applications as photocatalysts.


  1. Separation Membranes Constructed from Inorganic Nanofibers by Filtration Technique,
    Yu, Qing; Mao, Yiyin; Peng, Xinsheng, Chemical Record, 13, 14-27, 2013
  2. Synthesis of CuO nanowalnuts and nanoribbons from aqueous solution and their catalytic and electrochemical properties,
    Yu, Qing; Huang, Hongwen; Chen, Ru; et al, Nanoscale, 4(8), 2613-2620, 2012
  3. Filtration-assembling colloidal crystal templates for ordered macroporous nanoparticle films,
    Yu, Qing; Huang, Hongwen; Chen, Ru; et al, J. Mat. Chem., 21(44), 18089-18094, 2011
  4. Ultrathin free-standing close-packed gold nanoparticle films: Conductivity and Raman scattering enhancement,
    Yu, Qing; Huang, Hongwen; Peng, Xinsheng; et al, Nanoscale, 3(9), 3868-3875, 2011
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