NIMS-ERM Catalytic Materials Group
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LIU Guigao

NIMS Junior Researcher
Catalytic Materials Group
Environmental Remediation Materials Unit
National Institute for Materials Science
Ph.D Student
Field of Functional Materials Science
Hokkaido University
1-1 Namiki,Tsukuba,Ibaraki 305-0044,Japan
TEL: +81-29-851-3354+ext.4062
e-mail: LIU.Guigao[at]

M.S. * Jan. 2013 Tianjin University, China
B.S. * Jul. 2010 Tianjin University, China

Professional Experience
2013.4-present * NIMS Junior Researcher & Ph.D Student of Hokkaido University
2010.9-2013.1 * Graduate Student, Tianjin University, China

Research Interests
* Development of new visible light active photocatalysts for energy and environmental applications.


  1. Three-dimensional cuprous oxide microtube lattices with high catalytic activity templated by bacterial cellulose nanofibers
    Liu, G.; He, F.; Li, X.; Wang, S.; Li, L.; Zuo, G.; Huang, Y.; Wan, Y.
    J. Mater. Chem., 21(29), 10637-10640, 2011

  2. Fabrication of Ge quantum dots doped TiO2 films with high optical absorption properties via layer-by-layer ion-beam sputtering
    Li, X.; He, F.; Liu, G.; Huang, Y.; Pan, C.; Guo, C.
    Mater. Lett., 67(1), 369-372, 2012

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