NIMS-ERM Catalytic Materials Group
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Xiao HAI

Collaborative Graduate School Student
Catalytic Materials Group
Environmental Remediation Materials Unit
National Institute for Materials Science
Ph.D Student
Field of Functional Materials Science
Hokkaido University

1-1 Namiki,Tsukuba,Ibaraki 305-0044,Japan
TEL: +81-29-851-3354+ext.4062
e-mail: HAI.Xiao[at]

M.S. * Jun.2014 Tianjin University, China
B.S. * Jun. 2011 Yangzhou University, China

Professional Experience
2014.10-present * Ph.D Student of Hokkaido University
2011.9-2014.9 * Graduate Student, Tianjin University, China

Research Interests
* Development of new composite active photocatalysts for energy and environment applications.


  1. Effects of Gd substitution on the metamagnetic transition of NdCo9.5V2.5,
    X. Hai, W.F. Liu, P. Wu, Y. F. Gong, G. Y. Liu, G. H. Rao
    Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 345, 138-141, 2013

  2. Exchange bias-like phenomenon in Lu doped La0.1Bi0.9FeO3 ceramics,
    X. Hai, W. F. Liu, Y. F. Gong, H. Zhang, P. Wu, S. Y. Wang, G. H. Rao
    International Journal of Modern Physics B, 28, 1, 1350194, 2014
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