October 15(Mon)
NIMS Academic Symposium

Magnetic Materials Innovations
Tokyo International Forum [Hall B5]

Magnetic Materials Innovations that changed the world

- Materials that enabled electric vehicles, large capacity data storage and energy saving memory

Electric vehicles (EV) are rapidly replacing existing cars, hard disk drives (HDD) can store big data in the IoT society, and magnetoresistive random access memories (MRAM) are being used as nonvolatile memory for computing. These applications were made possible by the innovation of magnetic materials.

NIMS will present the 2018 NIMS AWARD to two material scientists who have made epoch-making inventions in magnetic and spintronic materials. Dr. Masato Sagawa invented the world's strongest neodymium magnet that is now used for motors for EVs and HDDs, and Dr. Terunobu Miyazaki invented the room temperature tunneling magneto-resistance device that led to real spintronic applications such as read sensors in HDDs and memory cells in MRAMs.

At the 2018 NIMS AWARD lecture, the award recipients will present overview lectures on how each material invention was made and how it was developed for practical use. Following the awards lectures, other distinguished scientists in relevant areas will give lectures on recent advances in permanent magnets, magnetic data storage, and magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM). This academic symposium will provide an overview of the current status and future prospects of the state-of-the-art material research in magnetic and spintronics applications.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the 2018 NIMS AWARD Lectures and Symposium. All the lectures will be presented in both Japanese and English through simultaneous interpretation and is intended for participants with various backgrounds in science and engineering.



NIMS has given the NIMS Award to a distinguished person or a group who had made significant progress in Materials Science since 2007. Award candidates are nominated by world-leading scientists and fairly judged by the NIMS Award Committee consisting of neutral experts. The NIMS award ceremony and winning lecture became one of the main events of NIMS WEEK.

NIMS will present NIMS Award to the following two winners this year.

2018 Award Winners

Dr. Masato Sagawa Adviser, Daido Steel Co. Ltd.

"Past, present, and future of Nd-Fe-B permanent magnets"

NIMS Award Winning Lecture 10:40 - 11:25

"Developments of R-Fe-X Permanent Magnets (X=B,C,N)"

Dr. Terunobu Miyazaki Emeritus Professor, Tohoku University

"Advances of spintronics – my contribution"

NIMS Award Winning Lecture 11:25 - 12:10

"Development of Spintronics -my contribution-"

Related Information

Forefront of Permanent Magnetic Materials

NIMS Talks 1 13:30 - 14:00

Doctor Kazuhiro Hono Executive Vice President / Director of Research Center for Magnetic and Spintronic Materials, NIMS

"Recent advances in permanent magnet research"

Invited Talks 1 14:00 - 14:30

Professor Oliver Gutfleisch Technical University of Darmstadt

“Towards deciphering the DNA of hysteresis in magnetic materials”

Next-generation of Magnetic Recording and Data Storage

Invited Talks 2 14:30 - 15:00

Professor Jimmy Zhu Director, Data Storage Systems Center, Carnegie Mellon University

“Microwave Assisted Magnetic Recording for Next Generation of Hard Disk Drives”

Invited Talks 3 15:00 - 15:30

Doctor Jan-Ulrich Thiele Seagate Technology

“Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) - next generation hard disk drive technology”

NIMS Talks 2 15:30 - 15:45

Doctor Yuya Sakuraba Group Leader, Magnetic Materials Group, NIMS

"Development of advanced materials for high density magnetic recording"

Forefront of MRAM Research

Invited Talks 4 16:30 - 17:00

Doctor Shinji Yuasa Director, Spintronics Research Center, AIST

"Giant tunnel magnetoresistance effect in MgO-based magnetic tunnel junctions and its device applications"

Invited Talks 5 17:00 - 17:30

Doctor Daniel Worledge
Distinguished Research Staff Member, Senior Manager, MRAM & PCM, IBM Almaden Research Center

“Development of spin transfer torque MRAM”

NIMS Talks 3 17:30 - 17:45

Doctor Seiji Mitani Group Leader, Spintronic Materials Group, NIMS

"Materials development for next-generation MRAM"

Poster session at the Academic Symposium will be held on the first day of NIMS WEEK. Submissions from all over the world are welcome. Excellent posters will be selected for poster awards

Presentation time:
10:00 - 18:00
Core Time:
(1) 12:10 - 13:30(Lunch time)
(2) 15:45 - 16:30(Coffee break)

Poster submission guideline


Theme: Magnetic Materials, Spintronic Materials

Please send your abstract by following the instructions below.

  • Poster Language: English
  • Presentation Category:
    1. Permanent Magnet and other Magnetic Materials
    2. Materials for Magnetic Recording and Data Storage
    3. Spintronic Materials for Memory
    4. Other
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