October 20th & 21st (Thu. & Fri.), 2016
Tokyo International Forum


This October, NIMS will hold its largest ever event, a showcase of science & technology research results.

Including 70 of the latest research results with promising applications to industry, special lectures from recipients of the international "NIMS Award," presented to leaders of world-class innovative research in the field of environment and energy, and individually coordinated consultation sessions for business. Furthermore, as NIMS acts as an embodiment of the strengthening of the bridge between industry and academia, NIMS has given its full efforts to acquire well-known guests in both industry and academia over 2 days, beginning with a lecture by Takeshi Uchiyamada, Chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation.

Having released numerous world-changing materials to the world, this year marks a number of critical junctures for NIMS. NIMS is preparing a giant leap forward to where the great evolution of materials begins.

Please come see it at the venue.

2 Events

15 years have passed at NIMS since the first holding of the international science meeting "NIMS Conference" and technology exhibition "NIMS Forum" in 2001. Beginning this year, for a week in October, "NIMS WEEK," a concentration of various events will be held.

"NIMS WEEK" will be held over 2 days, Day 1: "Innovative NIMS," and Day 2: "Interactive NIMS."

Materials Innovation

A program with the theme of materials innovation, includes lectures from the world's top researchers in innovative materials research, and business leaders in innovative materials for industry.
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Continuing efforts to develop innovative materials, Toyota is a world-leader in industry

We invited Mr. Takeshi Uchiyamada, the chairman of Japan's leading company "Toyota Motor Corporation," to share keen insight into the future of materials research.

Lecture from NIMS Award recipients Dr. Mizushima & Dr. Yoshino, lithium-ion rechargeable battery creators.

The international NIMS Award recognizes innovation in materials technology. This year's winners have been decided as Dr. Koichi Mizushima and Dr. Akira Yoshino, for achievements in the discovery and realization of lithium-ion rechargeable battery cathode materials (LiCoO2).

Head of France's MINATEC discusses the leading edge of France's innovation hub

MINATEC, the world's greatest authority and cluster of institutions in the field of micro and nanotechnologies. Dr. Guibert, head of MINATEC will lecture on MINATEC activities and technology transfer, through cooperation of industry, academia, and goverment not only within France, but throughout Europe.

EMPA group leader discusses solutions to urban climate and energy problems.

We invite EMPA a group leader of Department of Civil & Mechanical Engineering, Prof. Dr. Jan Carmeliet, to give a lecture on an integrated approach from material to city scale to solve urban climate and energy problems of buildings.

The newest technology results in the field of environment and energy.

A poster session with the newest research results from university students and young researchers at NIMS collaborative universities.

From materials evolution to the world

NIMS, where strengthening coordination with the industrial world is at the forefront, presents 70 of the newest, most promising results for industrialization. For business, an individually coordinated consultation corner is available, as well as programs for collaboration.
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Latest MI info from the leader of the Obama administration’s Materials Genome Initiative (MGI)

A lecture on the state of Materials Informatics from Dr.Voorhees, who is leader of the Obama administration’s Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) and one of three co-directors of the Center for Hierarchical Materials Design (ChiMad).

Today and Future: Application of Data Mining for Materials Characteristics

Prof. Dam Hieu Chi, a researcher in a variety of fields such as data science, lectures on data mining techniques for materials characteristics.

Dealing with various societal issues, a lecture from 8 NIMS researchers on new materials research results.

NIMS recommended research results which are quick to solve various societal issues, presented directly by the researchers. NIMS research results which have numerous applications to industry. Expect new materials to be presented this year.
(*Lectures will be given in Japanese.)

70 poster presentations from NIMS researchers

Poster presentations of NIMS newest materials, separated into 15 different fields. A careful selection of the newest research results with a focus on development of new problem-solving products. Questions will be answered directly by the researchers.

Individually coordinated consultation corner

The individually coordinated consultation corner, well received during last year's "NIMS Forum," will be expanded this year. Businesses interested in collaborative technology with NIMS, please feel free to utilize these consultations. Since each year has been crowded, prior reservation is recommended.


〒100-0005, 5-1 Marunouchi 3-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-5221-9000
10/20 (Thu.), Innovative NIMS, Hall B5
10/21 (Fri.), Interactive NIMS, Hall B7