Magnetic Materials Group

K. Hono
(Group Leader)
Y. Sakuraba
T. Nakatani

Magnetic Materials Group


 Magnetic materials group covers all types of magnetic materials for data storage, spintronics and energy saving. More specifically, the development of FePt based magnetic recording media for next generation energy assisted magnetic recording, high sensitive magnetic sensors for read heads of ultrahigh density hard disk drives (HDD) , search of highly spin polarized ferromagnetic materials, and the development of high performance permanent magnets for (hybrid) electric vehicles.

Specialized Research Field

 Using the expertise in materials science and applied magnetism, the members of the group are working on processing and magnetic and structural characterization of magnetic thin films, magnetic recording media, search for half-metallic Heusler alloys, permanent magnets, and soft magnetic materials. The emphasis is placed on the structure-property relationships through thorough micro/nano-structure characterizations of materials and their devices.
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