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MANA postdoc fellow recruitment

Field or Position MANA Postdoctoral Fellow (Fixed Term)
Number of People 5
Affiliation International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (WPI-MANA)
Job Summary The International Center for Material Nanoarchitectonics (WPI-MANA) of the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) is now seeking several young researchers with high activity. Successful applicants are expected to involve fundamental research on broad aspects of nanotechnology and nanoscience, pursuing scientific breakthroughs and innovations.

In WPI-MANA, you will work with MANA PI, aPI or group leaders. You can use most advanced facilities and instruments in MANA and also in NIMS. Please visit to our website for detailed information on the research groups and environments. All management and scientific discussions will be conducted in English in WPI-MANA. An annual salary according to a regulation of NIMS will be offered depending on his/her qualifications and experience. The initial contract term is one year and can be renewed to the next year.

All applicants must have obtained a PhD degree within the last ten years.
Arrival Time October 1st, 2017 or later
Term Up to 2 years.
Work Place International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (WPI-MANA), National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), 1-1 Namiki, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0044, Japan.
Work Hours 7 Hours 45 Minutes a day
Holiday Saturday, Sunday, and National Holidays in Japan
Salary / Supply According to NIMS regulation (typ. 4.5 million JPY/year). National insurance and commuting allowance are included.
How to Apply Send the following documents as electronic files to
(Please change "=" to "@")
1) CV with your photo.
2) List of publications
3) Application form (download from here)
Application deadline 30th June, 2017
How to Judge Document Screening and a Successive Interview.
Contact to Dr. Doenni Andreas (Team Leader of Planning & OutreachTeam, WPI-MANA)
International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (WPI-MANA).
E-Mail: DOENNI.Andreas=nims.go.jp (Please change "=" to "@")
WPI-MANA: http://www.nims.go.jp/mana/index.html

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