International Center for Young Scientists (ICYS)

The NIMS International Center for Young Scientists (ICYS) program provides you with a “Melting Pot” environment mixing different research fields and cultures. Talented young multinational researchers are gathering to conduct independent research. ICYS researchers are expected to pursue various aspects of interdisciplinary materials research in close collaboration with NIMS mentor researchers. The offices of ICYS are located at Sengen and Namiki sites of NIMS in Tsukuba Science City.

NIMS's unique system helps active research of talented young scientists from all over the world

Kenjiro Miyano
Managing Director of ICYS
Professor Emeritus of the
University of Tokyo
In the International Center for Young Scientists (ICYS), NIMS, talented young scientists from all over the world can enjoy the world-top level research environment of NIMS as well as the elaborate assistance and support both financial and personal. The ICYS fellows conduct their research based on their own ideas and initiatives, using their own research fund. As an internationally open research center, the official language of ICYS is English, and researchers from overseas can obtain various assistances to adapt to the Japanese research institution and society in general. The support system enables the research fellows to concentrate on research in the most efficient way. ICYS has been producing excellent research output successfully, and contributing to foster leading scientists in the next generation. The experience in ICYS has proved to be a crucial clue to find a path either to NIMS staff or to tenured positions in other research institutions, universities and industries.


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