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The 217th ICYS Seminar

2017.09.15 13:15 ~ 2017.09.15 14:15
*Please note the starting time has been changed to 13:15 and the venue for this seminar is going to be in Advanced Structural Materials Building instead of usual conference room.

Date: September 15th, Friday
Time: 13:15-14:15
Venue: Conference Room513-514, 5F, Advanced Structural Materials Bldg. 

Speaker: Dr. Aslan Ahadi (ICYS-Sengen Researcher)
Title: Recent advances on nanocrystalline NiTi shape memory alloy
Chair: Dr. Koichi Tsuchiya (Deputy Managing Director of ICYS)

Speaker: Dr. Debabrata Payra(ICYS-RCSM Researcher)
Title: Mussel-mimetic design for tough and safer adhesive joints
Chair: Dr. Sadaki Samitsu (Adhesive Materials Group, Transportation Machinery Materials Field)

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