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Yoshitaka Tateyama, Ph. D



+Group Leader, IFCS Group, GREEN, NIMS
+Laboratory Director, MOP-MI Laboratory, NIMS
+Principal Investigator (PI), MANA, NIMS
+Sub Group Leader, BM Group, CMI2, NIMS
+Project Professor / Principal Investigator (PI), ESICB, Kyoto University

+Principal Investigator (PI), The Priority Study 5 (energy), FLAGSHIP2020, MEXT
+Principal Investigator (PI), JST-ALCA-SPRING (Kanamura team)
+Team Leader, JST-ACCEL (Einaga project)
+Team Leader, JSPS-TOKUSUI (Yamada project)
+Advisor, JST-PRESTO "Science and creation of innovative catalysts” (Kitagawa Sakigake)
+Member, ad-hoc team on Perovskite PV Cells, project GREEN, NIMS

Research topics:

+DFT exploration of atomic-scale mechanisms in batteries (LIB and post-LIB)
+DFT-MD analysis of electrode-water interfaces in catalysts
+DFT investigation of perovskite solar cell
+DFT-based free energy calculations for redox (electron transfer) reactions
+DFT-MD sampling analysis of solid-liquid interfaces

Research career:

2017-: Laboratory Director, MOP-MI laboratory, NIMS
2016-: Project Professor / Principal Investigator (PI), ESICB, Kyoto University
2016-: Principal Investigator (PI), MANA, NIMS
2016-: Group Leader, Interface Computational Science (IFCS) Group, GREEN, NIMS
2015-: Sub Group Leader, Battery Materials Group, CMI2, NIMS

2016: Visiting researcher, Theory Department (Director: Prof. Matthias Scheffler), Fritz-Haber Institute of the Max-Planck Society, Germany.
2013-2017: Committee member, the committee on energy and environmental science & technology, MEXT, JAPAN
2012-2016: Principal Investigator (PI)/Project Associate Professor, ESICB, Kyoto University
2011-2016: Group Leader, Nano-System Computational Science (NSCS) group, WPI-MANA, NIMS
2011-2015: JST-PRESTO Researcher "Phase Interfaces for Highly Efficient Energy Utilization"
2010: Adjunct Professor, Charles University of Prague, Czech Republic
2007-2011: JST-PRESTO Researcher "Structures and Control of Interfaces"
2007-2011: MANA Independent Scientist, MANA, NIMS
2006: Visiting professor, Institute for Solid State Physics (ISSP), The University of Tokyo
2003-2004: Visiting researcher, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, UK:
Prof. M. Sprik group in Theoretical chemistry.
2001-2007: Researcher, Computational Materials Science Centre, NIMS
1998-2001: Researcher, National Research Institute for Metals.


1998: Ph D.: Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo (Physics)
Prof. Tsuneyuki group, Theoretical division, Institute for Solid State Physics (ISSP)
1993: BA: Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, The University of Tokyo
1989: Graduate from Aomori high school (Aomori Pref.)

NIMS = National Institute for Materials Science
JST = Japan Science and Technology Agency
JSPS = Japan Society for the Promotion of Science,
MEXT = Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

IFCS G = Interface Computational Science Group
GREEN = Center for Green Research on Energy and Environmental Materials
BM G = Battery Materials Group
CMI2 = Center for Materials Research by Information Integration
MANA = International Centre for Materials Nanoarchitecthonics
ESICB = Elements Strategy Initiative for Catalysts & Batteries
ALCA-SPRING = Advanced Low Carbon Technology Research and Development Program, Specially Promoted Research for Innovative Next Generation Batteries
ACCEL = Accelerated Innovation Research Initiative Turning Top Science and Ideas into High-Impact Values
“project GREEN” = Global Research Center for Environment and Energy Nanoscience