Biomaterials Unit
Nanoscale Materials Division (MANA), Nano-Life Field

Biofunctional Materials Group

In general, living body is constructed by various nano-fiberes and nano-particles under the highly dimensionally controlled condition. In order to construct highly biofunctionalized cell-ECM composite, we are aiming to develop nano-micro-macro structure-regulated biofunctional materials which inspired natural ECM. Towards the clinical use, we are carefully studying the cell-matrices interaction from the view point of material science under the world wide collaboration with various medical engineering, medical institutes etc.

Specialized Research Field

We aim to develop the technology to construct micron-ordered structure build up from Nanof-ibers and study the materials-cells interaction. Focusing on “Cell-matrices interaction ”, especially the effect of materials structure against the cell functions, we are developing surface modified biofunctional materials which possess bioactive molecules or ligands on the surface by covalent bonding, hydrophobic and electrosatic interaction.

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