未来を見据えた、Creative Technology.
  • Based on organic synthesis, inorganic chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, polymer science, electrochemistry, and photochemistry, our group aims to develop novel functional macromolecules with electronic / optical properties and to apply them to energy-related, environmental, medical, and display applications.


International Workshop (15/3/2017)
The 1st International Workshop on Chromogenic Materials and Devices (Namiki-site, NIMS)
We hold an international workshop on chromogenics.
Exhibition (15-17/2/2017)
nano tech 2017 (Tokyo Big Sight)
We exhibit our electrochromic devices in NIMS booth (three days) and JST booth (the first day only).
Science Class (3/2/2017)
Tsukuba Sience Cafe SCIENTIA 2017 (Namiki-site, NIMS)
Participants fabricated a color switchable glass device with a dry cell.
Exhibition / Award (31/1/2017)
SAT Technology Showcase 2017 (Tsukuba International Congress Center)
We exhibited our cuttable display sheet with scissors.
It was selected as "Best Presentation Award for Applied Research".
Exhibition (20-21/10/2016)
NIMS WEEK (Tokyo International Forum)
We introduced "cuttable display sheets".
TV Broadcasting (4/9/2016)
Dr. Seino was introduced.
TV Broadcasting (22/7/2016)
TV Tokyo
"Cuttable display sheet" was introduced.
Press Release (13/7/2016)
"Cuttable display sheets developed"
NIMS website (in English), NIMS website (in Japanese)
JST website (in Japanese)
It appeared in many newspapers, magazines, and netnews of Japan and foreign countries.
Open Institute(20/4/2016)
We introduced our electrochromic materials.
New group name and affiliation (1/4/2016)
Acoording to reorganization in NIMS, our group name has changed from "Electronic Functional Materials Group" to "Electronic Functional Macromolecules Group".
Exhibition (27-29/1/2016)
nano tech 2016 (Tokyo Big Sight)
We exhibited our electrochromic devices in the JST booth.
Program "Science Q": school visit (14/12/2015) and the radio broadcasting (9/1/2016)
A lecture on electrochromism was done at primary school in Tsukuba-mirai city.
The lecture was broadcast on the radio.
NIMS Internship(8-10/2015)
We accepted two students from Ochanomizu univ.
Summer visit / On-site training(7-8/2015)
We supported the visit / on-site training of the following senior high school students.
Mizusawa (Iwate), Seisho (Kanagawa), Niigata (Niigata), Okazaki (Aichi)
Kobe (Hyogo), Takamatsu-kita (Kagawa), Chienkan (Saga)
Open Institute(15/4/2015)
We introduved our electrochromic materials.
Program "Science Q": school visit (31/11/2014) and the radio broadcasting (9/11/2014)
A lecture on electrochromism was done at junior high school in Tsukuba-mirai city.
The lecture was broadcast on the radio.
Award (2/7/2014)
Dr. Rakesh K. Pandey won Best Poster Award.
NIMS Conference 2014 (in Tsukuba International Congress Center)
Movie Release (11/9/2013)
You can see our electrochromic display devices on the following websites.
NIMS Homepage / YouTube
Award (22/8/2013)
High school students of our E-paper team won Best Presentation Award.
Tsukuba Science Quest (Innovation Forum in Tsukuba)
Award (2/7/2013)
Mr. Jian Zhang won Best Poster Award.
NIMS Conference 2013 (in Tsukuba International Congress Center)
Award (25/4/2013)
Dr. Chih-Wei Hu won CSJ Presentation Award.
93rd Annual Meeting of Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ) (in Ritsumeikan univ.)
Press Release (29/3/2013)
"Supramolecular Thiophene Nanosheets"
Adoption (15/1/2013)
Dr. Rakesh K. Pandey has been awarded JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship for Foreign Researchers.
Homemade Sweets (12/12/2012)
Homemade sweets
Award (25/10/2012)
Dr. Takashi Sato won Poster Award.
12th NIMS Forum (in Tokyo International Forum)
TV Broadcasting (22/5/2012)
BS Fuji
Our electrochromic displays were introduced.
Press Release (21/5/2012)
"Development of Light-Emitting Film with Sensitivity to Airborne Materials"
It appeared in domestic newspapers.