Synchrotron X-ray Group

Synchrotron X-ray Group investigates and reveals an atomic-scale and electronic structures for developing novel environmental, energy, and structural materials using the advantages in the state‐of‐the‐art technologies of SPring-8 synchrotron diffraction and spectroscopy.

Specialized Research Field

  1. Analysis of surface, interface, and thin films using X-ray diffraction crystallography and X-ray standing waves
  2. Study of short to middle range atomic-distance structures of nano-scale materials and amorphous materials using high-energy X-ray diffraction
  3. Study of the state of the electron or chemical bonding in advanced materials using Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
  4. Development of an advanced synchrotron X-ray analysis for an in-situ measurement or an operando measurement

National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)
1-2-1 Sengen, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0047, JAPAN