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Nano Frontier Materials Group

Since superconductors can transport energy without loss, it is expected that superconductivity is a key solution technology to energy problems. We are focusing on the physical properties of Fe-based superconductors, diamond superconductors, high-Tc superconductors and carbon nanotubes. We have developed a superconducting wire using newly discovered superconducting materials. Development of novel devices, including optical and field effect devices, using superconductors and nano-technologies are targets.

Specialized Research Field

1. Iron-based superconductor and novel superconductor

We are investigating the FeSe superconductor which has the simplest crystal structure among iron-based superconductors. It was found that the Tc of FeSe is enhanced up to 37K under high pressure. For practical applications, FeSe superconducting wire is also fabricated. We have discovered a new superconductor of S-doped FeTe as shown in Fig. 1,2. Everyone has a chance to discover new superconductors. The ultimate goal of our research is to find superconductors that operate at room temperature.

"Fig 1. Crystal structure of FeTe new superconductor." Image

Fig 1. Crystal structure of FeTe new superconductor.

"Fig.2. Resistivity properties of Fe(Te,S) superconductor." Image

Fig.2. Resistivity properties of Fe(Te,S) superconductor.

2. Superconducting diamond thin film

"Fig. 3. SEM image of superconducting diamond film." Image

Fig. 3. SEM image of superconducting diamond film.

Diamond is not only the king of jewel but also a good electrical material. Since diamond changes with boron doping from insulator to superconductor (Fig. 3), it is possible to fabricate new functional devices using only diamond.

3. Measurement of carbon nanotube

"Fig. 4. SEM image of individual carbon nanotube with nano-fabricated four terminals." Image

Fig. 4. SEM image of individual carbon nanotube with nano-fabricated four terminals.

The electrical properties of carbon nanotube are dependent of chirality and diameter. To investigate the intrinsic properties of carbon nanotube, measurement of individual carbon nanotube is necessary. Fig. 4 shows a SEM image of an individual carbon nanotube with four terminals fabricated by EB lithography.

Group Leader

"Yoshihiko TAKANO" Image

Yoshihiko TAKANO

Group Member

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