Fatigue Property Group

・ Development of new evaluation methods for fatigue properties in low- and giga-cycles.
・ Application of original observation methods for micro cracks or microstrcutures and nano-indentation.

Specialized Research Field

(Examples of Research Projects )

・Proposition of predict formula of giga-cycles fatigue strength for high-strength steels.
・Development of materials strength database with high-resisting to hydrogen embrittlement.
・Evaluation of creep-fatigue properties of materials for A-USC boilers and rocket engines. 

New evaluation methods of fatigue properties

"Low- and High-cycles" Image

Low- and High-cycles

"Giga-cycles by ultrasonic machine" Image

Giga-cycles by ultrasonic machine

Original observation methods of fatigue crack growth

"New observation method of cracks" Image

New observation method of cracks

Prediction of creep-fatigue lives

"Transversgranular by pure fatigue" Image

Transversgranular by pure fatigue

"Intergranular by creep-fatigue" Image

Intergranular by creep-fatigue

Group Leader

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