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Ceramics Surface and Interface Group

Ceramics have surface, interface and grains. Especially, the surface and interface (grain boundary) in ceramics show the electrical properties. Our group focuses on the surface and interface as reaction field during the sintering to fabricate the oxide with poor sinterability and stability in air. In order to achieve above purpose, we used soft-chemical method, solid-state reaction method, and ion beam techniques. By the integration of the information on ceramics fabrication, we proceed with a basic ceramics science.


The research target is to fabricate the dense ceramics such as SnO2, La2O3, In2O3 and Ga2O3 etc. These materials are well known as the semiconductor and dielectric materials. For example, SnO2 and In2O3 are the sensor materials, and show the poor sinterability. La2O3 has a problem on the stability under the humidity atmosphere. We synthesize the dense ceramics and use them the target for rf- sputtering and PLD methods. Finally, we measure the gas sensor property for hydrogen and ethanol of these thin films.

Related Image
Ion images of Zn and Sb in SnO2 ceramics obtained by SIMS. In these images, Sb and Zn in SnO2 grains show the same distribution.

Related Image
Sensing property for hydrogen and ethanol of Zn doped SnO2 thin films fabricated by rf-sputtering method.

Selected Recent Results

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Ion images of 18O in BaTiO3 ceramics obtained by SIMS. By use of 18O tracer, oxygen diffusion path in ceramics is revealed.

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Surface segregation of W at ZnO thin film. This data is obtained by low energy ion scattering method.

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Spherical grains of ZnO fabricated by soft-chemical method.

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