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2017.07.31 Update Press Release

2017.07.05 Update

2017.04.05 Update Press Release

Development of Ultra-High Capacity Lithium-Air Batteries Using CNT Sheet Air Electrodes

—15 Times Greater Capacity Than Lithium-Ion Batteries, the New Battery May Enable Electric Vehicles to Drive as Far as Conventional Vehicles—

2017.03.03 Update Press Release

Activation of Catalytically Inert Material by Formation of Junction with Corrugated 2D Carbon Nitride

—Nanostructurization of Interfaces is the Key. This Strategy May Lead to Understanding of Complex Electrode Processes and Development of Highly Efficient Electrocatalysts—

2016.07.06 Update

2016.05.23 Update

2016.05.20 Update

2016.02.18 Update

2015.09.30 Update

2015.09.09 Update Press Release

2015.08.21 Update

2015.07.13 Update

2015.05.28 Update Events

The 10th GREEN Symposium

Schedules 2015.06.25 Finished
Computational simulations and their collaboration with experiments

2015.05.19 Update Press Release

2015.03.18 Update Press Release

2015.02.03 Update

2014.11.27 Update

2014.11.26 Update

2014.11.04 Update Events

38th GREEN Open Seminar

Schedules 2014.11.12 Finished

2014.10.29 Update

2014.09.29 Update Events

37th GREEN Open Seminar

Schedules 2014.10.21 Finished

2014.09.22 Update Events

36th GREEN Open Seminar

Schedules 2014.09.26 Finished

2014.08.25 Update

2014.06.17 Update Press Release

2014.06.10 Update

2014.05.08 Update Events

34th GREEN Open Seminar

Schedules 2014.05.21 Finished

2014.05.02 Update Events

Tohoku Univ.& GREEN Joint Symposium

Schedules 2014.06.02 Finished
(The 8th GREEN Symposium)

2014.02.19 Update Events

32nd GREEN Open Seminar

Schedules 2014.02.26 Finished

2013.12.13 Update Events

2013.11.15 Update Events

30th GREEN Open Seminar

Schedules 2013.11.28 Finished

2013.11.12 Update Press Release

2013.10.25 Update Press Release

World’s First Success in In Situ Tracking of Electrochemical Reactions at Solid/Liquid Interfaces by Photoelectron Spectroscopy

Expectation for Contribution to High-Performance Materials Design for Fuel Cells and Rechargeable Batteries

2013.10.17 Update

2013.05.21 Update Press Release

2013.05.14 Update Events

2013.04.26 Update Press Release

Success in Observation of Swelling of Single-Particle of Silicon Electrode for Lithium Ion Batteries during Charging Reaction

Reconsideration of Electrode Design of New Negative Electrode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries

2013.02.08 Update Events

2013.01.11 Update Events

25th GREEN Open Seminar

Schedules 2013.01.25 Finished

2012.11.15 Update

2012.10.29 Update Events

24th GREEN Open Seminar

Schedules 2012.11.12 Finished

2012.10.15 Update Events

23rd GREEN Open Seminar

Schedules 2012.10.23 Finished

2012.09.13 Update Events

22th GREEN Open Seminar

Schedules 2012.09.20 Finished

2012.09.12 Update

2012.08.20 Update Events

21th GREEN Open Seminar

Schedules 2012.09.14 Finished

2012.07.05 Update Press Release

Experimental Elucidation of the Role of Cocatalyst for High Efficiency in Fuel Cell Reactions

Guidelines for Simultaneously Realizing Reduced Use of Platinum and High Efficiency in Fuel Cells

2012.04.05 Update

2012.02.07 Update Events

20th GREEN Open Seminar

Schedules 2012.03.08 Finished

2012.01.31 Update

2012.01.26 Update

2012.01.18 Update Events

19th GREEN Open Seminar

Schedules 2012.02.03 Finished

2011.11.18 Update Press Release

First Elucidation of Cause of Long-Term Stability Deterioration in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Important Contribution to Realizing System Design for Large-scale Fuel Cells

2011.11.17 Update

2011.09.02 Update Events

18th GREEN Open Seminar

Schedules 2011.09.09 Finished

2011.07.14 Update Events

17th GREEN Open Seminar

Schedules 2011.08.31 Finished

2011.07.06 Update Events

16th GREEN Open Seminar

Schedules 2011.07.29 Finished

2011.06.21 Update Events

15th GREEN Open Seminar

Schedules 2011.06.24 Finished

2011.02.01 Update Events

The 13th GREEN Seminar

Schedules 2011.02.15 Finished

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