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2017.12.22 Update Events

The 117th AMCP Open Seminar

Schedules 2018.01.11 Finished
Application of Environmental TEM in Bio-science and Contrast Enhancement using Phase Plate

2017.12.18 Update Events

Joint Symposium on Materials Integration and Advanced Materials Characterization

Schedules 2018.03.08
- Practical Data Repository and Fusion of Materials Characterization with Informatics -

2nd Workshop on Informatics in Advanced Measurements
Advanced Measurement and Characterization Symposium 2018

2017.12.08 Update NIMS NOW International


Pamphlet, Book, Brochure published from NIMS

Newest  NIMS NOW International

Vol.15 No.5 <2017 September-October>

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NIMS Leaflet

National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)
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