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Provide undergraduate and graduate students with technical experience of cutting-edge research activities in the field of materials and science

The objective of this program is to provide undergraduate and graduate students attending courses at domestic or overseas universities and graduate schools with technical experience in the field of materials and science in NIMS and also to publicize NIMS itself and NIMS Joint/Cooperative Graduate Programs.

Application for NIMS Internship Program 2017 has been closed.
Application for NIMS Internship Program 2018 will open in January 2018.


Features of NIMS Internship Program

NIMS is the world-top-level research institute in the fields of materials and science and you have an opportunity to experience the cutting-edge research activities. NIMS is widely open to the world with many international researchers and students and provides a great personal network. NIMS accepts about one hundred (100) students from over the world every year. There are financial supports for daily allowance and accommodation fee for the excellent students. The internship period is up to 90 consecutive calendar days.
* This program does not assure you 100% acceptance and financial supports.

How to apply?

Graduate Program Section cannot accept the application directly from students.
Please check NIMS HP SAMURAI site below.
And please DIRECTLY send the documents listed below to NIMS Researcher by E-mail if there is any seat available for you as an internship student and after his or her approval, the host researcher applies for this program. After the host researcher applies for this program, NIMS requests your supervisor for the guarantee letter. The host researcher informs you about the screening result.

Necessary documents for application

Students are required to send the following documets to NIMS Researcher by E-mail.
  • Designated form for NIMS Internship Program (English)
  • CV (English)
  • Student enrollment/registration certificate (English, Copy is OK)
          * Diploma and Certificate of Master's Degree are unacceptable as Student 
            enrollment/registration certificate. 
  • Official academic transcript (English, Copy is OK) 
          * Unofficial academic transcript is unacceptable. 
          * Doctoral and master's students are required to submit the academic transcripts of both
            undergraduate and graduate.

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