Magnetic Materials Group
oSearch of room temperature half-metals for spintronics device applications(PREST-JST)
oDevelopment of Dy-free high coercivity Nd-Fe-B magnets: nanostructure analysis of grain boundaries of sintered magnets(NEDO)
o FePt granular thin films for high density magnetic recording media
o Spin polarization measurements by point contact Andreev reflection (PCAR)
o Exchange coupled magnetic thin films
o Nanocrystalline soft magnetic materials

Spintronics Group
o High efficient spin injection to Si using Co-based Heusler alloy electrodesiGrant-in-Aid, Young Scientists Aj
o Development of giant TMR device and low current spin induced magnetization switching (NEDO)
o Development of giant TMR devices on Si substrates and current induced magnetization switching at low currents (CREST-JST)

Nanostructure Analysis Group

oApplications of laser assisted wide angle 3D atom probe to device analyses (CREST-JST)
oMechanism of HDDR processed Nd-Fe-B based ultrafine grained permanent magnet powders (MEXT)

oDevelopment of high strength heat treatable wrought Mg alloys (Grant-in-Aid for Sci. Res. B)
oMultiaspect analysis of high density lattice defect structures (Grant-in-Aid, Priority Area)
o Nanocrystalline high strength materials
o Development of ultrahigh strength nanocrystalline Al alloys

NIMS-TOYOTA Materials Center of Excellence for Sustainable Mobility

oFundametal research on magnetic materials for hybrid cars
oMultiscale analysis of 2nd battery materials for hybrid cars