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The "Nanotechnology Platform Program" has begun from FY2012 as ten-year commissioned project of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. The objective of the program is to establish reliable nationwide research infrastructure platforms for scientific innovation. As one of the platforms, the "Advanced Characterization Nanotechnology Platform (ACNP)" is composed of 11 institutes and representative organization. We construct a network of advanced characterization shared-facilities to contribute to the innovation by solving the problems of academia and industry in the fields of nanotechnology and material science, to enhance and strengthen the Japanese nanotechnology research basis, and to support human resource development in a nanotechnology field. Further, by sharing advanced characterization facilities and making achievements top-level in the world, we promote the collaboration among industries, universities and the government.

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微細構造解析プラットフォーム 2016年度第1回ワークショップ
名古屋大学 微細構造解析PF 第2回 技術相談会
分子・物質合成PF,微細構造解析PF 合同セミナー「カラダを見る~全身まるごと観察~」
平成28年度 第1回地域セミナー「電子と陽電子による材料欠陥の微細構造解析」
The University of Tokyo-Rigaku Collaborative Research Center Seminar: Introduction to X-ray Diffraction
【The University of Tokyo】