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Nanointerface Laser Spectroscopy Group

Hidenori Noguchi

GREEN Leader

Hidenori Noguchi


Characterization of metal electrode/electrolyte solution interfaces

Many important energy transfer processes are occurring at solid/liquid interfaces. By applying surface sensitive vibrational spectroscopy, we are investigating not only the interfacial structure of adsorbed molecule but also the interfacial electronic structure at the interface during the chemical reaction in high time resolution in order to understand the interfacial phenomena in detail.


Vibrational sum frequency generation spectroscopy system


The structure of interfacial water molecules at Pt and Au thin film electrode/electrolyte solution interfaces by ectrochemical SFG. It was found that water molecules are more highly oriented at the Pt electrode than at the Au electrode.


Suresh Kukunuri

Postdoctoral Researcher

Suresh Kukunuri